It’s My Journey!

Glory Be to God! Hello everyone yes it is I sister Betty here to bring forth another Journey of mine. I wanted to share with you about the word forgiveness. Something many of us as myself sometime have a problem of doing. I said a problem because I make it to be a problem. Christ command us to forgive.  I have dealt with a lot of jealousy,and envy on my job since I been there. I know many of you deal with this a well, it may be in your churches with your members and non-members. It can be among your families that you may have grown up with. It can be that stranger that don’t know a things about you. Only what they may have heard etc. I get that a lot, smile. Well one day on my job a co/worker came up to me and ask me the Q’s had she done anything to me for me to not respond the way she would like me to respond to her. [Control] that will be another journey one day. I respond back with the answer “Yes” she was surprise to hear that come out of my mouth. But I could not stand there look her in her eyes and lie. Remember a lie is a [Sin]. Anyway she asked me what had she done to me. I said well I am not going to stand here and share the list of things with you. I was very nice and pleasant with her as we both shared words with one another.She then said will you forgive me for what I have said are done toward you. I said yes I forgive you, and I truly meant that. I thanked her for coming up to me to ask, what she had done, an to be forgiven. I had shared with her that God is a God of forgiveness, an that He forgives me when I come to Him. There were much more that was shared, but I am wanting to share that the word forgiveness sometimes it is hard to do. Because of what others say or has done toward us. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes we don’t know that we have. But let me say this God knows each of our hearts, what lays within it. I have learned to be quiet and still, and give it to God. Because we have this flesh that lives with us that we carry with us everyday. And if you have been Born Again, you know have the Holy Ghost that dwells within us that will direct our path. I have always respected this person, as I have told her. What I do not get into is Gossip, slander of others, etc. I have learned that it is best to walk away move on. And you will not be liked because you do not part-take in such mess. In the Book of Acts 10:43 All the prophets testify about Him that everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His name. We can find many scriptures about the word Forgive & Forgiveness. We can read them, but we must learn to apply them in our own everyday life here on planet earth, and if you read this I said [We]. Be Bless and have a bless week in Christ Jesus name. Agape! 🙂
Sister Betty

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