It’s My Journey!

Glory Be To GOD!! Hello everyone Good Morning to each of you. This is another beautiful morning here in Texas even throw its going to get hot. But what Sister Betty did was when GOD woke me up and I gave Him His Praise. Thanking Him for this week. Everyday that He woke me up and gave me His strength. He was
minister to me these days about me. And I thank Him again for being my Great Teacher. He has fed me His word each day. I had a bless assignment this morning. I was out saying Good Morning to people who I saw. I even walk around in the store observing the action of people. People walking by one another, not smiling, not saying good morning. So the LORD said I want you to see something, and I want you to use you to do something. I stop and minister to a young man, sharing the Goodness and Faithfulness of Jesus Christ. This young man was working, but he stop and listen to what the Holy Spirit was sharing with him. I then moved on and went to the cash register to check out. And there was a young woman that was looking sleepy and a little sad. I said good morning to her, and there as she stood waiting to check out. She had not the change. I told her here I got that for you, she looked at me and said [Why] thank you, and she smiled. She saw the light of Jesus Christ. The cashier was amazed and said that is so nice of you, not to many people would have done that what you done. I told her that is what we are called to do, and that is to help people. She saw the Light of Jesus Christ. I moved on to another store, and ran into a gentleman that I had been Minister to as well. He was our chip young man who goes to stores stocking the shelves with chips. I was sharing the love of Jesus with Him, he saw the Light of Jesus. I went on and the Joy of the LORD was all over me. As I got into my van, I saw someone getting out of their truck going toward the store. I said Good Morning! they stop and step back and said “Oh Good Morning!” I said to him, people do not say Good morning these days…He smile and said you are right. I said I am here to make a differences. And He said thank you. as I got into my van I said Lord thank you for the assignment. No matter what is going on in our lives, we must trust in Jesus Christ. I hope you was encouraged because I am once again by my LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ. Agape!
Sister Betty 🙂
He gives power to the weak,and to those who have no might He
increases strength. Isaiah 40:29 NKJV


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