It’s My Journey!

Glory Be to GOD Hallelujah!! Praise GOD Almighty. I want to share a journey today with you. When GOD tells you that His got you; you must believe that. I truly believe it everyday of my life that He has my back. Today at work I went on my lunch break. I had some things that I need to take care of. As I parked and got out of my van, I closed my door. As I stood there I find that I locked my keys inside. [smile]. I stood there laughing to be honest, I did not freak out not at all. I went on and did what I needed to do, came back to my van stood there waiting to hear GOD’s voice. What He wanted me to do. So I turned around my eyes was locked on this vehicle, I waved them and they stopped and I asked the gentleman if he could help me to get my door open, I had explain to him what had happen. My widow was down but not enough for my arms to go down toward the lock.  I was too short to lift up to put my arms down inside the widow. But this gentlemen was tall enough, his arms was long enough to put down inside the van. There it was the gentleman pulled the lock up, and I said thank you Jesus Christ. I thank the gentlemen, I blessed him for what he had done for me. He could have driven off, he didn’t know me. But it was Jesus Christ that pointed out whom He wanted me to wave down. The gentleman smiled and said you are “Welcome” He even gave me some info for if I ever lock my keys again in the future. [smile]. I went back to work praising sharing what the Goodness of GOD did for me. My journey, My Testimony. GOD is an Awesome GOD!!! He got my back…And I give Him the Glory and Praise. I do hope you was encourage….Be Bless Agape!!
Incline Your ear, O LORD, and hear; open Your eyes, O LORD, and see.
2 Kings 19:16
Sister Betty

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