It’s My Journey!

Praise the LORD everyone a message from GOD came to one day, and He asked me am I ready to finish this race. The race is going to be finish whether I am in it or not. What does that mean? It means that I need to check, and examine my heart everyday to make sure I am ready. To prepare myself so I can stay in the 
race. So am I going to drop out just because it’s getting hard for me to keep going. Am I going to cry every time things doesn’t go the way I think it should go. It’s fine to cry, because it cleans all that stuff that I have within myself to be flushed out. Get 
back up, stand up and begin again. What did I learn when I had that stopping period? I Thought about it, what is it that I am needing for me to get back into the race and stay in it? I pondered for a second, and it came to me. 1# I need to stay in His [Word] daily. 2# I need to pray daily, its call communication with the Heavenly Father. 3# I need to listen. 4# I need to be obedient to Him. 5# I need to keep the Faith and not allow things in this world to distract me. Get from among negative talking people, who will drag me smooth into their negative conversations about all whats going on in this world. Step away and get some balance. Stop beating myself down when I make mistakes, we all will. Have a forgiving heart, and keep doing what GOD has called you to do. So are you ready 
to get back into the race? Are you ready for what is ahead of you? Jesus said it’s not going to be easy; He promised us that He will be with us His always there,  we need to Believe in Him, Trust in Him, and keep Loving Him. Amen! So let’s go!!! There are people who are looking for Love in the wrong the places, and we know that the only True Love is Christ Jesus. 🙂 Let’s move!! I Hope you was encouraged.  Agape! 
Sister Betty
He gives power to the weak,and to those who have no might He
increases strength. Isaiah 40:29 NKJV


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