It’s My Journey!

Hello everyone! I do hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am truly enjoying mine. Today I am going to share a little about what has gone on with Sister Betty for these past days. I have had to go in very early morning because of Texas Non-Tax days. So that means we have had much work to do, and we were with fewer people at work. It has been some trying days to be honest. You can say
sometimes one can get discourage for what is happening, being tired out. People having attitudes that sometimes may have you to get one. Amen! This morning I had this experience where there were people who was looking for some mess to start. And the Holy Spirit speaking to me
telling me do not get in that mess. Go to your Head Leader and have her to come and take care of the
matter. Not you, you keep your mouth shut, you keep silent. Because the mess wanted to flame into a huge flame. If I had not obeyed the Holy Spirit and didn’t obey what He had direct me to do It sure would have been a mess. It was taking care of  “Thank You Jesus. But those who wanted to cause the problem was much
disappointed. And for me I kept doing  my work, singing and giving GOD Almighty His Praise. The devil was very upset about it. And as tired as I was I kept smiling and enjoying the joy of the LORD that He has given. We sometime refuse to follow GOD’s way and we want to do it our own way. If you have not experience what its like by doing things your way you should have found out that it can blow smoothly back into your face. You would have remember that moment, and you would have said to yourself. “I remember the last time what happen when I took things in my own hands instead of trusting in Jesus Christ.” Are you still listening closely to the voice  of the Holy Spirit today? allowing Him to show you the right way. Amen!! I am telling you this because Sister Betty sometime makes mistakes and tries to do it her way, and she ends up in a mess. I am learning to listen for correction, and direction. It’s call Saints PROCESS. I do hope you was encouraged by my journey. I know I was, [smile] Be Bless!! Agape “True Wisdom begins and ends with GOD.”
Sister Betty
Do not be wise in your own eyes. Proverbs 3:7

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