It’s My Journey! Aug 30 2010

Good morning everyone well I see that this month is almost going out. And we will be stepping into another new month. Our days, and months are going out very fast. It has me to think about how close is it when Jesus Christ will return once again for His children. I thank Him forwatching over me last night. I slept very much peaceful, and He touched my brow to tell me its time to see another new day. A day that I have not a clue what will be. I know this morning I got up and out to check on my car that God alone blessed me with. Hallelujah! I put up the hood of the car to check on my battery. It needed to be clean, you know how it is when it has all that corroded stiff on it. So this was very early before it would begin to get hot here. So I started to clean it, and I went to start it up and of course it wouldn’t start…LOL So I was talking to the Heavenly Father asking Him for His instruction and He started to give me the info that I would need to do what I needed to do. It’s all about following instruction, I learned that last week in a teaching. Praise the LORD for the teaching, because if I had not followed His instruction it would not be working and running now. Amen! I had asked Him Heavenly Father please fix it for me. I was the only one out at that time. It was me and the Good LORD! I was talking as I was cleaning the battery. It’s like that when something is going on and no one is around you can always count on Jesus. He is there with you, and for you…in any situation are circumstance that you may have to meet. I wanted to share more about it, but hopeful I will when it is for me to do so. I love you and I hope you were encourage and inspire. So enjoy your day and, do not allow anyone, nor anything, nor the devil take your joy away. Keep smiling, keep pushing and keep believing in the one that watches over you day and night.  Be Bless! 

“We can show mercy to others because God has shown mercy to us.”

Love Sister Betty


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