It’s My Journey!

Glory Be to GOD! Good Morning to each of you.
Today I am going to share about those who may
have love one’s that may be in prison. This weekend as I was laying in my bed I had received a text at 1:00am. You all know that when you get a call are text that early in the morning it would either be 1# an emergency 2# someone is in need to talk; they are unable to sleep. Well this text was both of the 1# & 2# I read the text and I could not respond back right away. Because my soul was hurt by what I
read. I have a nephew that has been in prison before a very young man. He is now 28 yrs of age at
this time. I am not going to go into deep details, but I know that my brother is hurt, his mom, his sister, my mom is hurt, all the family is hurt by this news. Because he is going to be sent back into that cold environment. I got up that morning asking the Holy Spirit what can I say to easy my brother. The Holy Spirit guided me to what to say. Not to be judgmental, not to be with the attitude oh well!! I shared a concern and words of encouragement, and hope. The enemies are here to do whatever they can do to take out our young men and women. And they are using so many things to do this. Drawing them into things of this world. Wanting their souls, and he is working around the clock. I see what they are doing, and so that is why it’s up to me to do everything that I can in Christ Jesus name to share the Word of Christ Jesus not only to a stranger, but to my love one’s. My family, My love one’s, that are taking the wrong road. They are needing to take a U-Turn. I took a U-Turn in life, I got caught, and I choose to accepted Christ Jesus into my heart, and life. It’s no longer about me, it is about Jesus Christ because He is about souls. Let us continue praying for those who are in prisons, that has not yet accepted Christ into their own heart. Let’s not give up on them. I pray and hope that they will choose whom they will follow this day. Be encourage,be Bless. Agape!
“Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of GOD over one sinner that repenteth.” Luke 15:10

Sister Betty

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