It’s My Journey!

Praise The LORD everyone GOD is an Awesome GOD, and He is worthy to be given praise. Today I am going to share a journey about being a Child of GOD. As I set here and I look around and see where I am today. Many people do not know what being a Child of GOD means. I am still a child to my Heavenly Father, He knows every hair on my head even if I have lest hair then others. Even though I am an Adult, I am still to Him consider His Child. He has watched over me for a very long time. He has seen me laugh, cry, get upset, been used, been understood, and miss understood. Even though I have not seen Him, I know that He is with me I call it Faith. I know that there are some of you here that do not know who GOD is, nor who His Son Christ Jesus is. We were once called His children, but there has been some who serves another father, and there will be more that will turn their own back from Jesus. Being a Child of GOD is Awesome because here I have a Father who loves me, who cares about me, for who I am. He does protect me from those who had tried to harm me. His a Father of Great teaching, I have learned so much from Him. Even when my own had rejected me and lied on me, and tried to keep the Word of GOD from me, Jesus was their teaching what He knows what I am in need of this day. Being a Child of GOD is knowing that all His promises are true. He is love and there is no other love like His, yes people say that they love you, but let me tell you something the Love of the Heavenly Father is so real. He tells me that I am no perfect being, and you not either, so that tells us both that we will make many, many mistakes. Only Jesus can help you through these hard times. And they will get worst, so do not give up. I turn back once back into the world because of people whom thought they were so perfect. You will do things that GOD alone has called you to do and to say. Don’t changed what GOD has called you to do for anyone, it’s about pleasing Him, and not them. I am sharing this with you, because I have been on both sides. I have been on the living in this world with people who is out to use you, and abuse you. That are very selfish, and a few other names that GOD has called us. I am now here today a Sinner that has been Saved only by Jesus Christ Grace. Yes my Heavenly Father is a Forgiving Father, there is one Sin that He will not forgive and that is when one blasphemies against the Holy Ghost. Do not forget where GOD once found you. I accepted Christ into my heart, and life. [Repentance] Today I have much more to learn from Him until He says its time to leave here. There is so much to share, but today I wanted to share this because it’s in my heart, and someone out here some where that needs to know that Jesus Christ loves you, and He is still patiently waiting to hear from you. I hope you was encourage, and you be blessed in Christ Jesus name. Do Not Turn Back!

Sister Betty



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