It’s My Journey!

Glory Be To GOD. Hello everyone I do hope that you are enjoying this bless Monday in Jesus Christ name. Today I will share with you my journey that my Lord and Savior had for me to do today. I call it my assignments because He has things that He calls me out to do in His name. To come out of my comfort zone, and to use what He has taught me. I was giving Him praise this morning. Thanking Him for being GOD. Thanking Him for my life that He has given me. As I was preparing myself the Holy Spirit said just dress causal somewhat different today. So I did, and I went out  completing one assignment that He wanted me to do in His name. As I continue about my way the Holy Spirit said for me to stop at this small gas station.  I was in need of a stamp because the Post Office was closed for Columbus Day. That little store didn’t have a stamp, so I was directed to go to another one up the street. There I got my stamp, and as I was there an older woman was pulling  a luggage bag. There is more to this story but I want to share how the Holy Spirit direct one’s path, because GOD already knows what is ahead of us. We just don’t know what lays ahead of us in our journeys. I stopped and ask the woman how she doing and finds out that she was a homeless woman who was living place to place. She shared with me how she was doing, and what I found out as I stood listening to her for a half an hour. She was bringing forth that she was tired of people judging her, etc. I shared with her that I was once homeless, didn’t know where I would be laying my head. And that I once stayed in a Homeless Shelter, and that God was with me all through it. I was not there to throw scriptures at her, or tell her what she should or should not have done. I said to her” I do not know if you believe there is a God above,”but I let her know that He is watching over her, protecting her. I handed her a card with info about “Feeding the Homeless a Meal” That the Ministry is to help give out a hot or cold meal to someone who may be hungry. There was other things that  I was sharing with her, but I am not here to write a book…smile. She shared her name, and I shared mine as well. She smiled and she said that she felt so good after me listening to her, and me sharing with her that GOD loves her very much. Taking the moment to listen to someone as they share what is going on in their own life. When we ask someone how they doing, take the moment to listen.  As you do watch how  comfortable they feel knowing that they know you care. I had none fear when I was listening to her, and as I was with her. There were other homeless that was walking by me. No harm will come to you is what the Holy Spirit was saying within me. I felt so good as well because God cares for those who are helpless, just as I once was. Be bless and I do hope you was encouraged by this journey. I truly do believe that I will see her again in Jesus Christ name. I would like to share this with you this encourage message written by Annie
Armstrong. “Whatever may be our circumstances in life, may each one of us really believe that by way of the Throne we have unlimited power. Amen!! Amen!! 
Sister Betty J

“Jesus may come anytime, so we should be ready all the time.”



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