It’s My Journey!

Glory Be To GOD everyone! today Sister Betty would like to share with you my blessing that GOD Him self has given me to Glorify His name. This has been a Passion for a very long time. Passion to encourage and help those who are in need of Love. We all want love in some fashionable way. Sometimes we seek love in the wrong places, I know I did, and found myself in so much of a mess. I have always had love for people I never liked seeing people hurt. I have my own stories at times I share them with people who I meet. So that they will know that I do understand their pain that they are tasting. The purpose of my It’s My Journey! is to be healed daily, and to help others. When I see the Homeless it touches me very much because I can relate to them. Passion For Ministry is a ministry was first started for Women, but then the Lord allowed me to look around and see that it’s not just women that are in need of encourage, there are men as well. So He said to change it to Passion For Ministry. A Ministry that is for all people, because we all are God’s creation. He created every last one of us. So my Passion is For People and I have been given assignments to help people. Today I help feed those who are in hunger for a meal, and for the Word of GOD. God wants us all to know that He loves us all. Passion goes so much deeper then one to say we love one another. It is our action that we want to help someone who is crying out for help. I could go on, and on. But today I wanted to share this word with you all. I hope someone will be encouraged and allow God to speak to their hearts to allow them to think about those who are helpless that needs us. The elders that are in  Nursing homes, the homeless that is without a place to lay their head that may come up to you and ask you for help. Let us no longer walk away, and pretend it’s not happening.  It could be a family member, a friend, or maybe it can one day be you. Yes believe me it can also be you; it could be any of us. God Bless you all and thank you for coming by to read this blog. Hope that you was encourage, and give us all something to think about. Let us do the right thing in Jesus Christ eyes. Let us not leave it for someone else to do, let us all do something. I will continue speaking on this subject, because it’s not going to go away, until the return of Christ Jesus. Agape! 
Sister Betty J.
Please visit my website anytime, and be encouraged.

“Jesus may come anytime, so we should be ready all the time.”



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