It’s My Journey!

Praise the LORD everyone, and I meant that when I say Praise the LORD. I thank my journey that GOD has allowed me to experience. The good, bad, and the ugly and still I have a gratitude of Thanks to Him for being who He is and for being in my life this day.  It has been twice these days as I have shared with you all the problems that I been having with my van. GOD has kept harm from touching me. Once my two wheels in the front could have fallen from under my van as each day I am traveling back and forth to work picking up a co/worker each mornings. This week my gas line was linking on the belt was one reason my first belt had broken as I was traveling to work. That was my LORD that kept no harm to happen to me. And not knowing that the gas linking. I was told that if I had continue driving my van it would have caught on fire with me driving it. But GOD said No!! It has always been that voice of the Holy Spirit that had talked to me telling me what I needed to do, and if I hadn’t been obedient and ignored the Holy Spirit I only can imagine  what all could have happen to me. Jesus tells us that He is watching over us, and that He is with us 24/7. I truly believe this. I am a living witness to share the Goodness of my LORD and Savior that He is a GOD of Truth. Amen! I do hope someone was encouraged by this Journey of mine. Hold on to your Faith…This is It’s My Journey! Agape Sister Betty J. 

“Jesus may come anytime, so we should be ready all the time.”


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