It’s My Journey!

Glory Be To GOD. Hello everyone! Are you pressing on in your walk with God? No matter what may be going on around you. No matter how many people are beside you or against you? No matter how it may taste? No matter even if you may have to walk along, but knowing GOD Almighty is with you. I am going to share a journey of mine, this is what I love about sharing my journey is because I do not have to hold nothing back. I do not have to dress it up. I do not have to watch what I say or how I say it. Amen! I do not have to be concern if someone will like what they are about to read in my Journey’s. I have to be real with Jesus, with other’s, and with myself. As I have always been. It’s about the Mercy and Grace of GOD. He see’s and hear everything that I do or say, and what my thoughts are, what I feel or don’t feel within my soul. The enemy has been attacking me for sometime, and you know what? “I am not angry with him” I am still with joy.  I know that GOD is testing me as well, I sometime pass the test, and sometime I don’t, but I love Him because He allow me to take them again until I chose to pass them. My test has builded me, and I still continue praising Him. Jesus Christ is my Help! I know I do not deal with flesh and blood, but I do know that the devil will use the flesh to do his dirt. To try to turn me around, to stop me from going forward. In the Book of Ephesians talks about us putting on the Armor of GOD.  The Lord speaks about us putting on the armor of GOD that He has given us. He knows that we need to put it on everyday. Flesh and the Holy Spirit wrestle with one another all the time. I know that my flesh is not for me, but the Holy Spirit is truly for me, and is within me. I am a friend of Jesus Christ. An ambassador of the King. Anyone that has chosen to be a follower of Christ is going to be attack by evil. I know what the difference between good and bad. Satan will use whomsoever who is weak to either do his dirty work, to stop GOD’s children. He will have you to react a certain way. He will temp us  to say things that we may feel bad about after we have said them. But I love the gratefulness, Blessings of GOD that He is a Forgiven GOD. You are not to stop, and we are to ask Him to help us, and He will and He shall do that for you. No turning back Church, no matter what the cost may or will be. I hope you was encourage, until next time in Jesus Christ name. Agape! It’s My Journey.

Please read for yourself Psalm 63….Awesome!!

Sister Betty J.


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