It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 1 Corinthians 16:1-12

Glory be to GOD everyone! Hello I do hope all is well with each of you. Yes it’s Sister Betty once again sharing my journey with Jesus with you all. I am loving it very much because it’s in my heart, my life is an open book. A song I had listen to that was encouraging to me says: My heart is an open book. Today I wanted to share a bless friendship that is growing between a dear friend, and I. My dear friend is totally blind. Yes that’s right they are totally blind, a christian who loves the Lord with all their mind, heart, and soul. This friend shared with me that they were not always blind, they were having problem of not seeing well when they were in their thirty’s. Something happen that I will not be able to tell the full story. But I am bless and thankful that they shared it with me. They shared that every morning they wake up, they wakes up  with the joy of Jesus in their heart. Even though they experience things in life the same  as you and I do. Still they said they don’t allow anyone nor anything to take their joy away from them. It was hurtful for them in the beginning, and they were angry. It was the Grace of GOD whom they called on for help. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 I recommended for everyone to read even if you have read it before. My friend has been an encouragement to me as well. I thank God for putting this special person into my path. Today we are encouraging one another through these times we are living in. I wanted to share this journey with everyone. There are so many people who are in need of our testimonies. I wanted to share this one, and I ask for permission may I share this journey of theirs with others, and they said of course. I would like to leave this with you, a writer wrote: God writes opportunity on one side of the door and responsibility on the other. Be Bless! Agape!

Sister Betty

 “Jesus may come anytime, so we should be ready all the time.”


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