It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Hebrews 4:13

Praise the LORD everyone its me again Sister Betty…I am laughing because it feels  good to do so. I’m at home relaxing on this Sunday evening. Sister Betty had a very busy week at work. This month was my birthday, and my three years working for the company as well. So I was given a three years Anniversary gift, and a card, and a few congratulation from the co/workers. I give it all to Jesus Christ because it was Him who had open that door for me, when all other doors He would not allow to open. This door He did. I was transferred from the state of Delaware to Texas. It really  should be four years. But It was told that when one is being transferred from one state to another; they do not count it. I count it of course because I know where I been and came from before I started with this company. It will always be my life testimony that I share with others. Well I went On-line where I picked what I wanted for my gift. Guess what it was that Sister Betty picked?? It was a lunch bag, yes!! I have been in need of a lunch bag for a very long time. I takes my lunch to work, I call it saving. GOD knows our needs once again, He knows everything about us. I am so blessed to know that He does knows me. I was reading my devotional reading today. I would love to share a little of it with you all. It said: It is true, your sins and mine were laid on the shoulders of Jesus as He hung on the cross, paying our debt, taking the punishment we deserve. Let the thought of His suffering keep you from failing into “the sin which so easily entangles” (Hebrews 12:1) A terrible price had to be paid for each and every sin. Wow!! I’m so thankful that GOD reminds me of this. What He did for me, and why He did it. Well until next time Sister Betty will bring you another “It’s My Journey With Jesus” if it be His Will for me to do so. Agape!

Sister Betty

“GOD speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.”


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