It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: James 1:2-4 

 Hello everyone once again its Sister Betty. I give GOD the Glory for allowing me to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch all that is around me. Today I am reading messages others are sharing about Spring. How they describe what it means. Here on earth we hear the birds are singing awesome music to each another, Even though I live in the city I can see birds of many kinds, shapes, and colors. I am beginning to smell  the scent flowers, and see the many colors that has open up and they to are enjoying the breeze, and the sunlight that is shinning upon them. I have always loved flowers, a lot of beautiful green plants as well. I was going into a store one morning and I saw a young woman was setting all the beautiful plants out to be sold. I complement her on the beautiful plants that was all out, she smiled and said thank you. She was doing a great job, and I see that she enjoyed what she was doing. As I been reading about others sharing the Spring even in our own lives. Our Spiritual growth, these that we need to allow to grow. Letting God to prune those things that needing to be pruned from us; that can stop our Spring blossom. As we continue develop like we should in His eyes. I speak for myself I can see so much growth in the past years in my walk with Jesus. I have learned so much. I thank Him for being my gardener, that takes care of me, watering me. Removing those things that will stop my growth. Allowing the Son to shine over me in my walk. Well enough for now I’m feeling good and I am so joyful to be in the race for Christ Jesus. His Awesome!! Agape! 🙂 until next time. Enjoy your Spring…..

Sister Betty
“GOD speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.”

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