It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Romans 8:17

Hello everyone I do hope that everyone is doing well. Sister Betty is very much doing well. Let me tell you something spite of what it may be like, look like, seem like, taste like..Let me tell you I am so thankful that all is well with Sister Betty. I am setting here listening to Kirk Franklin song, “Smile” and do you know that is
what I been doing today. Smiling, I have a tooth that had pained me, and I’m still smiling. I had ask the LORD to comfort me though this pain, and He did. I can share with you more, but I am going to save it if it be His will for me to share it another day another time. I could not allow this pain to stop me from moving forward today. It may had tried to slow me down, but it didn’t stop me from finishing my assignment. Praise the LORD. If I had kept my focus on the problem it would have gotten more painful. So what I did was kept in the ministry, studying, and praising God.The pain… LOL LOL

Sister Betty

“GOD speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.”


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