It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Psalm 1:1-4

Praise the Lord everyone, I do hope all is well with each and everyone. Those of you that comes by, and read sister Betty Journey I do hope you all are bless. This early morning I am up setting here waiting on what the Holy Spirit would like for me to share with you all. Someone I know needs to be encourage. We all do need that very much in these days and times the way things are going. But God tells His children to not allow these things that are happening to take your focus off Him. I have been attending God’s Church each Sunday morning. I am so thankful that I am, because Fellowship with other true believers is a blessing to me. Because these are believers that has had an Awesome experience as myself with Jesus Christ. I once upon a time didn’t want to go into the House of God for selfish reason as I look at it now. Don’t allow anyone nor anything to keep you from going into God’s house to fellowship with others. Because the enemy doesn’t want us to come together as a Body of Christ. He wants to keep division among us, He wants to keep you wounded. He wants to keep lying to you telling you that it’s OK that you live the way you living. Talking the way you talking, using God’s name in vain. Following the wrong people. Doing your own thing!! who really care?. “Everybody else doing it” and they seem like they are getting away with what they doing. Well let me tell you that is a lie…It may seem like you are getting away with all that you are doing. But you not, because their is a God who cares about your soul. He want you to get on the right path, and stay on that path. So it is very important to fellowship with others. Go to Him for help, and if you have left Him go back to Him. He is waiting for you right now. Enough said. God Bless you! Agape! 🙂

Sister Betty

“GOD speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.”


2 thoughts on “It’s My Journey With Jesus

  1. Thank you for your love as always WOG…We both know that He is Worthy to be Served. What a Friend we both have in Jesus Christ. Amen! 🙂

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