It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Isaiah 7:16, Deut 1:39, Matthew 19:13-14

Glory Be To GOD… All Glory does goes to Him. He is truly an Awesome GOD. Today at 10:00am my family and I watched two beautiful little girls get baptize. It was a prayer that has gone up for some time. Since they were small; GOD had bless me to share with them about the Love of Jesus Christ. Who He is, His
Purpose here, an why from the beginning of His birth, being in the desert, an being baptize, His entire walk here on planet earth. This week they had attended Vacation Bible School. I thank GOD for opening the door for them to have been able to attend. They enjoyed it very much, and there were so many little ones that were there as well. And many were baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ. They were teaching about Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. It was awesome and we enjoyed it very much as parents. Watching and listening to the Word of GOD being taught to many that had are may had not heard of Jesus Christ. I can see how the Heavenly Father had prepared the way for them up to this day for this moment. He loves the little children dearly, I am so bless, and thankful that I kept being faithful to the assignment that was He had called me out to do. That was to minister to my grand children as they were growing, and continue to do so in His name. Being obedient to the call. I will continue praying over my grands. Let us not forget about the little children. Let’s not give up on them. GOD Bless and hope you was encouraged. Have a bless Father’s Day to all dad’s. Agape! šŸ™‚

Sister Betty

“GOD speaks through His word to those who listen with their heart.”


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