It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Romans 12:1

Glory be to GOD! hallelujah!! Today my journey I would like to share the awesome journey I am at this time in my life. I am involved in a Worship & Praise Ministry. It was God’s plan for my life to be in this ministry. I am being minister by God’s Word in music. And I is ministering with the voice that has been given me to share with those who are believes, and non-believes who come’s into God’s House of Worship. I’m gathered with people who knows that they aren’t perfect. Each one of them has their own journey to share; what God’s has done, and is doing in their own lives. We love giving praise to our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ. I look forward to our rehearsals each week. Standing on that stage facing many, many people I truly never thought I would have the boldness to do. “BOLDNESS OVERCOME FEAR” I love to sing, I have always loved singing since I was a little girl. The Worship & Praise Pastor always start us out with a prayer in rehearsal, and before Sunday Service begins. We gather together holding hands bowing our heads. Just Awesome! I recall when I first came to rehearsals, The Pastor always says “That it’s not about us, It’s all about Jesus Christ why we are doing what we are doing. Honoring Him, Giving Him His Praise of thanks. I would like to leave you with this encourage statement. ” I choose not to be a spectator! But be actively engage in all the songs, and sacrifice of praise.” I Love this true statement. I do hope that you was encouraged by this journey of mine. GOD Bless you, and keep you in His warm and protecting hands. Agape!

Sister Betty


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