It’s My Journey With Jesus

Praise the Lord everyone! I truly meant that with the depth of my heart. It is a beautiful day here in Texas. I am so blessed to be here to set here to share another awesome journey with you. Yes my name is Sister Betty a born again Christian, a sinner that has been Saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; by His Grace! This past week I had Worship and Praise rehearsal in God’s House. Me and many more came together sharing the Love of Jesus with one another. lifting up our voice of praise to Him. Receiving a bless [Word] from God to be encouraged. We hold hands and sometimes we lay our hands on someone who is needing that powerful touch from Jesus through us. This week we were served some yummy sweets. Yes it was all kinds of candies, and I really enjoy sweets. Sister Betty has a sweet tooth. I thank God for the sweets. Many of us there enjoyed the bless treats that was served to us. We had a choice to pick which ever ones we wanted to taste. I thought about this later doing that week. The choice that each of us as well that are given a choice to accept and serve Christ Jesus into our hearts, and life. Sweet candy is good and yummy to our tummies, but it only last for a second, right? But the sweetness of Christ Jesus last a life time. Amen! Jesus Christ is so Sweet because of what He has done for me on the cross. When I know He didn’t have to, but that is the sweetness of love in Him. He gave His life for me. He took all my sins as I had confess them to Him asking Him for His forgiveness. For me it has been very much sweet, a taste that I have with me forever. Because of that choice I made between eating sweets of candy all day to keep me smiling, and soon will fade away or choosing the sweetness of Christ Jesus who is in my heart, and life forever, even when I go through hardships. The Sweetness of Christ Jesus stays with me within a life of eternity. I wanted to share this journey with you, and hope you was encouraged. So allow the sweetness of Christ Jesus to be shared with someone today. Hopefully they will confess to Him as well to come into their hearts, and lives today as well. Be bless, Jesus Christ loves you, and Sister Betty as well. Remember this is my Journey With Jesus” Agape!

Sister Betty

“Faith Definition: Faith is choosing to live as though God’s Word is true regardless of circumstances, emotions or cultural trends.”


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