It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 2 Corinthians 1:3

Praise the Lord everyone I do hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. I am up and I am so thankful to be up and about. Yes this is Sister Betty “It’s My Journey With Jesus.” Time passes so fast, each day is different, we change, and that is a good thing if it’s a Spiritual change. I had received a call from a dear friend that I had not talked, nor seen for years. I truly enjoyed the conversation that we shared, because it was about [Jesus Christ]. In what He has done in our own lives, how He had changed us; Only He can do, and not on our own. I was sharing with her the experience I have had in life in my journey. She also shared hers as well. It was a blessing that she got in contact with me. This is a woman whose heart is for people, she has always been that way. She was always kind to me, and the LORD is blessing her. She has been through so much, but still she stands strong in her spirit. Many years ago she was in a car incident, and she was left paralyzed. It never changed her heart to be bitter toward God. Yes she had the pain, but still her joy was never taken from her. I am so proud of her that she is continuing helping others, and being that friend to her family, as well to others. I thank God that He has connected us back together. It is always about the seasons in our lives. I was ministering to her, and she was ministering to me. She was there when I was in the world, doing all the things that the world says is right, but it wasn’t right to God. Still He kept loving me, not my [Sin], but me. I have never forgotten all the times she was there when I was going through my mess. She never judged me, she never down played me. We both agree that we are not perfect. We are sinners that has been saved by God’s on [GRACE]. This day I know that it was God that was there through this WOG. I didn’t know this back then, but I do know now. Today I say thank you Lord, and I thank my dear friend for being obedient to His Will. I wanted to share this encouraging message because we never know where we will be. But know that God will see you though each day just keep depending on Him, believing in Him, and trusting in Him. Until next time may God continue blessing you, and keeping you as you keep moving forward in His name. know this that Jesus Christ Loves you. Agape!

Sister Betty

“God’s whisper of comfort helps quiet the noise of our trials.”


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