It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Matthew 11:28-30

Glory be to God! Praise the LORD! God is still who He is. He has not changed not at all. He still keeping His promises, He still isn’t backing down. His Word is who He is, and He is who the Word says He is. These pass weeks has been some trying trails for me, but I am still standing. Many things are happening and it is what the Bible speaks of. I tell you I would not still be standing if it had not been for Him. His been holding me, and He has been my strength. I have been very quiet these days because He has commanded me to do so. I have been listened to Him very closely, trying to anyway. He has told me to be very watchful, and not get caught up into things that I have none reason to be caught up in. I’m being still, even when my flesh wants to act up. I call it being in training in the process. Again it’s not going to come easy for you When you not use to being still. Wanting to take things in your own hands. I do believe in God, and yes I also believe in His Word. Wow!! as I’m typing this message I received a call from a dad who was calling in search of his daughter from out-of-state whom he had not seen for four years. He left a message in my voice mail apologize for bothering me. The Holy Spirit had me to call him back, and to let him know that I didn’t know her, and that I have that number that she once had. I receive a lot of calls that are just wrong numbers, etc. This one the LORD command me to listen to it, since he did leave a message in my voice box. This is what you call listening to the voice of God. I see that this man was in need of talking, and I did just that listen. He was feeling better, he was talking to a stranger that he knew not or ever seen. After the conversation I shared with him I told him his daughter will get in contact with him. I told him I would have wanted someone to have called me back as well. Just to make sure that they didn’t know her, and that all will be well. Having someone to just listen to you is a comfort. So many people doesn’t do that. We never think that one day that we may just need to hear a friendly voice on the other end. After the call ended, I went to the Heavenly Father and spoke a word to Him about this gentleman that is 80 years old that is in search of his daughter. There was a reason for that call, and I thank God for it. I hope you was encouraged. I was to be honest with you…..Until next time you have a bless day. Agape! This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus.”

Sister Betty


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