It’s My Journey With Jesus!

Recommended Reading: Hebrews 4:12

Praise the Lord! to you all. Today Sister Betty would like to talk about a subject that is not being talked about much. I am going to talk about it because “It is My Journey With Jesus!” because He is a God that sees all things that is happening in this society today. “The low-level of consciousness”. I was reading a message today, and I said to myself; you know what? This is so true, we want to ignore it, we don’t want to talk about it. Well I’m going to talk about it. I have never been one to hide, nor fear to not speak that what is true. I see this everyday, and I personal do not want to be one that is set in this category. The Apostle Paul was one disciple that spoke that what was true even about himself. Things he had done, things that he thought about, and the truth about what he was, and then what he became. As I read about my brother Paul he was not liked by many. He wasn’t liked by the Christian community, and after he gave his life to Jesus Christ he surely wasn’t no way at all liked by his own use to be peers. I see so much of low-level of consciousness then, just as I see it today. People no longer have the conscious of their wrong doing. All around there are more and more people having a low-level conscious. Whether running a red light, walking on someone foot without saying please do (forgive) me, to the point of going along with others knowing they are not right. etc. I could go on and on with a long list that is becoming longer everyday. This is so sad to see such a thing happening. A low-level of consciousness is not good at all, because then we have become a people who do not care, and will not care about truth. Some says that they want truth, and the only truth would be the truth of Jesus Christ. I am sharing this because there is no way I can share my journey without sharing the truth. I am going to share my journey because it is a High Level of Conscious that I do have. Jesus knows me, He knows everything about me, so I refuse to have a low-level of consciousness. I will not down play my journey for only what ones think I should share. This is once again my life Journey and I will continue sharing my journeys with a “High Level Consciousness.” I will continue sharing my Journeys until the Heavenly Father says otherwise. God bless you and I do love you, and Jesus Christ loves us all. I do hope you was some what encourage. This is Sister Betty with “It’s My journey With Jesus.” Agape!

Sister Betty


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