It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Matthew 6:25-34

Praise the LORD Everyone! Yes its Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus”. It is Labor Day weekend, So Happy Labor Weekend to you all. I know many people are preparing for this special holiday. I went to work this morning and I am thankful that I have a job to go to. With all that comes with it, doesn’t always taste nice. We must remember that we live in an Non-perfect world. Today I was sharing with someone today whom I was training. That it is the LORD that open the door for me to be where I am, and then there are sometimes I want to go right out that door. But God is not letting that happen at this time. The gentleman started sharing as well with me that it was the LORD that open the door for him to have the job that he has. He had no job for sometime, no car to get where he needed to get. He was sharing his testimony with me, as we were continue working. His testimony was ministering to me. My soul was in need to hear someone share their own testimony with me. The gentleman knew who I was by my walk, and my talk. I am one that is not about foolishness, I am about God’s business on the job because I am not just working for those who are over me as supervisors. I have someone who I am working for and He is above me, and them. I want what I do to show whom He is with me [Jesus]. I am not about pride, I am confident about who I am, and what I can do only in His name. It’s not just about money. Yes! times are hard, and they are going to get hard. Sometimes you have to trust, and know that God will bringing you though it. You must try to look beyond all the mess. Trust in your provider, He will provide all your “NEEDS”. It’s about who has given you the skills that you have to do the duties that you do with truth with the courage to do so. I am training people and not getting paid any extra. I enjoy training because I want those that I train so Others will see what God has given me, and I am sharing what I have with others. I pray that they will do the same like wise by giving back. It has been two people who so far that has been under my training. I give the Glory all to God, because again I would not be who I am, and what I am without Him. Here to you / Father for all that you have given me. “THANK YOU” I wanted to share this with you and hope you may have been encourage. It’s not about money, it’s about giving of what you have that God has bless you with to another. Your God-given talents, and gifts. Amen! Be Bless! Love you, and know that Jesus Christ loves you as well. Remember this is Sister Betty “It’s My Journey With Jesus”.

Sister Betty


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