It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Matthew 10:38-39

Good Morning everyone! and when I say everyone! I meant just that the believers and non-believers. Sister Betty is thankful being alive Spiritually. God has brought me though once again some rough hours this week. My hours of each day in a week is not always good hours as long as you are down in the valley. I tell you my patience has been tested on the job off the job. But Greater is He that is in me, then he that is in this world. Jesus is my Savior, and I have receive more growth in my walk with Him since I have been down here in the valley. Yes I said the valley, because down here in the valley everything and anything be happening. You see so much and hear so much that isn’t very nice at all. That is why I have to go to my own [Quiet Time] and get away from all the mess that surrounds me. I am up front, and close. Games being played, lies being told, and you can imagine what else is happening. It can become a heavy stone all on your back weighing you down. Jesus said He will not put no more on us that He knows what we can bear. He knows about how much Sister Betty can bear. (I’m Smiling). I was reading in the book of Psalm 38:4 and the Spirit took me there where it says “My guilt has overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear.”Other words if I do right and not in-twine myself into all the lies that is going on. I will not have the guilt that can burden me down. Just because they doing it, and speaking it does not meant you should be going along with it. So what I need to do is “know the truth” and hold on to the truth that is embedded within my heart. [Jesus WORD] Stop worry what they think or what they say. But never allow them to have you to agree with their madness of evil doing to affect you. Keep praying for yourself, and for others. Stay in His Word and stay as close as you can to Him everything will be fine. Sister Betty has to talk real, be who God intended for you to be, and not what others wants you to be. Amen!! God bless you and keep you. I hope you was encouraged. It is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Have a Bless weekend in Jesus Christ name. Agape! 🙂

Sister Betty


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