It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 1 John 3:2

Hello everyone I do hope all is well in your part of the state. All is well here in this part of Texas. Today I am going to share with you a journey that was so amazing. I have a van that I am so thankful to have. Because there was a time I had not a ride to get here and there for four long months. Having to depend asking others could they take me here and there. That’s all good but then it begin to run thin, their character begin to change. Folks don’t want to go out their way to take you here and there anymore. I know some of you been on both side of that coin. You want to help and be that [Good Samaritan] then you become so tired and you begin to murmur, and taunted. People then begin to see a monster coming out of you, it’s not something we sometime intended to happen right? My van I thank God for it, its old and much fixing has to be done on it. I had to get new tires, new gas tank, I mean I can give you a list of things that God has blessed me to keep my ride going. I am not into keeping up with the Jones, because if that would be the case I may be in more debt then I can hardly climb out of. My blessing has been a blessing, and it’s a blessing that came from my LORD. This morning I was preparing to head out, I begin moving my van back, and there I started hearing a weird sound. So with the Holy Spirit guidance He told me to turn right back around and park it and I did just that. I was already late I sat still and claim. Waiting on the Holy Spirit to direct my path. Let me tell you something about being still, and waiting to hear from the Lord. This takes time of doing it His way, and not your own way. I have learned that nothing is carry out well when you are stressed out going into an anxiety attack. It’s when you are willing to want to be taught daily by being obedience to God to live a non stressful life. Jesus will teach you how to do this. I called my job, spoke very calmly, telling them what has happen. They was very understanding, I thank God for that as well. I then listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and called a friend of mine in the early morning of 4:15am. When you know many people are sleep at that time. To make this story short, they said sure, came over picked me up took me to work, and picked me up from work. My van was dropped off to the shop. They found out what the problem was it was fixed and that was a blessing. So much more to this story but I wanted to share if we would not jump out of gear, get worked up, and just stay as calm as you can possible can. God works it out for you, if you only listen and allow Him to direct your path to what, where and when. I hope you was encouraged because I am. Have a bless day in Jesus Christ name. Stay focus, keep trusting, and keep believing in the one that is invisible.
This is Sister Betty and it is “My Journey With Jesus.” Agape!

Sister Betty


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