It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: The Book of Exodus

Praise the Lord everyone! God is Good! I am so joyful to be here with you all. To be able to set here in front of my laptop and share another journey with you all. I am so bless and thankful to be able to do this. This is a healing for me as well, when so much is happening in this world. So much bitterness, hate, prejudice, jealousy, and fear. Still [GOD IS ABLE] to do what He said that He will do. Today am baking my first pound cake order and I am so excited. But I am more excited as I looked up at the calendar on my kitchen wall. I see that today is my ten years of my being an non-smoker. I do a little something for myself or for others on this day. It reminds me just as I have read in the Bible about the children of Israel. That they were to remember the day the LORD brought them from among the Egyptians King Pharaoh from out of their bondage. That’s how I feel when Jesus Christ had taken me from under my bondage. Something that was trying to take me completely out. But I thank God for hearing my cry asking Him for help. Jesus Christ is still helping me when I cry out for His Mercy and Grace. One then about all this I willing to want to be helped, by wanting to really let go of something that had control over my life. I wanted Jesus to be the control over my life, not something that was trying to destroy my life. I kept feeding into its temptation. It couldn’t make me smoke, all it could do is temp me to do so. Just as anything else that one may be dealing with in the flesh. Well I wanted to share this journey with you hope you was encouraged. And maybe you can set and think about what is it that is tempting you to do that may be harming your body, or soul. Thank about it….we can have more than one. Are you can set back as I did today, and thought about how God helped me to overcome that what was trying to take me smooth out. It’s good when we can confess our own sins. God can help you to overcome it as well. There is so much more I can talk about on this message. But just a nugget to start you out…… confess your own nasty sins. This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” God Bless you….Agape!

Sister Betty


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