It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 2 Timothy 1:7

Hello everyone! It is a blessing to be here today to bring forth another journey. God is able. Those three words has been in my mind, and heart for some days. God is able! God is telling me that He is able. No matter how strong the storms may be in your life today. He is able to carry you though them. What are those storms that you are in today? It’s OK to have those storms, I couldn’t understand early in my walk with Jesus. I asked Him why is this happening to me. Why was I feeling a certain way, Why is it that family and friends do not understand. As special those who are in the family of God. We are ever having different personality’s, and characters. There was one day someone had shared with another; stating that sister Betty was very timidity . As I stood there as they was describing to another about who I was. A sting came inside me; how can this person share with another who I am that way. “Can you see I am standing here”. Why don’t they just let them take their own time to know who I am. That word “Timidity” is not a word to be put on someone. I looked up that word, and I will share a few of the meaning: Lacking in self-assurance, easily alarmed, indicating fear. Unless this is what you think about yourself. Jesus Christ is the answer. I have and I’m still being helped by Jesus–there is nothing Jesus can’t do. “He Is Able” It takes His time, and time is all He needs in our lives and a willingness from us if we want Him to help us. Again we all are not “Flawless” Sometimes in this life we will be described as many things that we may not agree with, and we may get hurt by them. But what I would like to tell you to do is to…Stand Strong. You must know within your own self who you are. I have experienced a lot since I have walked with Jesus. Again you will get called a lot of names, and you must stand, and not think that you will always be called something pleasant. “I’m laughing over here” It wasn’t funny then, but now I can laugh about it. “Sister Betty is spiritually growing”. I give all Praise to Jesus. So pray for those who carry such thoughts in their minds and hearts. And by the way pray for yourself if you have those same thoughts in yours as well. Pray that no matter what someone thoughts are about you. You make sure that your thoughts are lined up with Jesus Christ. Jesus gave it no thought, He kept standing, doing what His Father in Heaven had command Him to do. He knew what His assignment was. He did it and it was complete. Now let us keep moving forward, and let us complete as well what He has command us out to do in His name. Let’s please Him. So go through your storms, and know that Jesus Christ is with you all the way. I hope you was encourage, I am encouraged again today as I am setting here typing this all out. Until next time this is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus”. Have a Bless weekend… Jesus Christ do love you, know this and believe it as well, and go though your storms, and know that Jesus is with you. Agape 🙂

Sister Betty


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