It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 2 Timothy 4:5-8

Good Morning everyone! This morning I was meditating on Gods faithful words. Reading in 2 Timothy 4: 5-8 Paul telling Timothy and those of us who are Saints of God. To keep our heads in all situation and for us to endure the hardship that we are to endure, and the work of evangelist. Don’t hold back and don’t dare give into the things of this world. We are to keep doing the ministry. Paul gave all that he had where he had no more to give because he knew his time had come to departure. That is how we are to be doing as well, keep doing till it’s our time to departure. I want to be able to say as Paul said that he fought a good fight, and that he had finished the race, he kept the faith. He knew that there is a crown of righteousness waiting for him. That is how I will say as well so with the aches, and the pains, the tears, the hurts, all the hardship that I am and will go through it is not in vain. I choose to walk this road. I love reading about Paul a man of God whom once in life had killed many of Jesus followers, now his on the Jesus side (Amazing). He had to endure the hardships along his way. Being pushed aside, lied on, disown, many, many harmful things, and very much down right hurtful. I thank God I got Jesus in my heart, and life. Being a Follow of Jesus is not easy, that I will always admit. There has been times I had to speak that was the truth, knowing I would be hated on, pushed aside, lied on, disown, and many other things I have a list believe you me. But I’m smiling! Because I have Jesus Christ in me. Living this Christian life I will not trade anything for it. Because it’s what I choose to do knowing what I will endure, and what I will receive that is waiting for me as well in heaven. What I do I do it in the name of Jesus Christ, no other name. I shall continue in this race just as those before me. God bless you, and keep you. It comes that time that you must make that choice. Jesus Christ made that choice for me. So it’s my time to do the same for Him. This is Sister Betty with “It’s my Journey With Jesus”. It’s not over until my Jesus says it’s over. It’s another beautiful Monday Morning! So Saints of God keep fighting a Good fight in His Name. Be Bless!

Sister Betty


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