It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 2 Peter 3:8

Praise the Lord Good Morning Everyone! It is a wonderful morning here in this part of Texas. I thank God for watching over me last night, and He woke me up this morning to see a New day…and it is a New day for Sister Betty. I use to take each day for granted, thinking that it was only another day. I hear that sometime from people, when ask how they are doing, and they would come back with this statement, “It’s Just Another Day.” They do not know that its not just another day. It’s a New Day because God has allowed them, as well as myself to see another day. What happen or didn’t happen yesterday must stay in yesterday. I can’t bring it back, I have to choose to say OK…that what happen or didn’t happen only I can bring it into this New Day by my choice. Amen!! God has told me to ask Him to Renew my Mind, my Thinking, and only He can do that, the enemy will have you to think that you have to carry all that what happen or didn’t happen with you. Reason why sometimes we end up stick, can’t move forward is because we have allowed that was yesterday coming dragging right along with us. I refuse to stay stick, I refuse to allow the world system to detect who I am. I have so much to write about in this changing time that we are living in. His time is drawing so near. So much wacky things are occurring just as the Heavenly Father had describe in the Bible. I am being so much aware of my own surroundings. I am being more watchful than I have ever been in my whole life. Today I wanted to share this with you. If you are one of those people who says “It’s just another day”. I pray and hope that you will ask God to change your thinking. Because it’s not just another day, it is a New Day! it may be a new beginning for you. It may be a day that God wants you to have your heart to be changed. Start asking Him what He wants you to do today. So whatever didn’t happen that you wanted to happen has it’s reason, and that what did happen had it reason as well. This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” and remember this is my Journey. What is your journey today?? Until next time enjoy this beautiful New Day.

Sister Betty


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