It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:51

Hello everyone I do hope everyone is doing well. Fall is drawing near I really enjoy the fall, because I know that winter is soon to be here. I love the beautiful colors of the leaves. The change of the weather I am enjoying it very much. I love the cold weather. I know you asking why am I here in Texas? Well only God has the answer to that. I have lived in a few other states where I have experience the true cold. I have seen snow storms that I had never seen in my life. When you think you have seen it all…well think again you haven’t. It was an awesome experience believe you me. It’s good to travel and see the many difference in other places. I am thankful that God had given me that opportunity to do just that. Today I wanted to talk about changes; we all have experience change. Sometimes we may or may not want change in our lives. There are different kinds of changes that we all has or will experience in life. Jobs, relationships, physical, and spiritual etc. Some will be good, some want, but if we really look at it some where and sometime in life it will all be worth it. I recall the many changes that I have experience, some I did not expect but it did. I look at those changes like looking at a beautiful butterfly coming from out of a caterpillar. Where we may see that it doesn’t look all that of beauty from the human eye point. To me it’s so amazing just knowing a beautiful butterfly came from out of that caterpillar…God created that caterpillar, He knew what was inside of it, and what it would become once it was time for that change to occur. He saw the beauty before He even created it, and He knew its destiny as well. He knows how long they are given to live, and how far of distant it may travel. He had purpose for that butterfly, and as I see it. It was for me to see His creation at the right time for my life. I have taken off, I’m His creation, He had a plan for my life, and I am a beautiful butterfly. You was also created by Him, you are beautiful as well because He said so. So take that to thought, and to heart. He see’s what others could not, and can not see inside of you as that caterpillar. He knows one day you to will be flying, that’s what you call the beauty from within you; that He has made once again a change. They all will say Wow!! how amazing. Well I wanted to share this journey to courage you. Know that you are beautiful!! This is Sister Betty and this is “My Journey With Jesus”. Be bless in Jesus Christ name, and fly like a butterfly. 🙂

Sister Betty


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