It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: PSALM 95:6-7

Hello! Everyone yes its Sister Betty. God is Good all the time. This morning I am so thankful to be here with you all. God has not taken me home yet…there is much He has for me to do in His name. He has continue working through me it is called (THE PROCESS). Sometimes some of us forget that we are in process. We have not arrived yet! So until then, we will be in process; until He comes back for us. I have so much to talk about and share, but today I am going to share the Love of Christ with you all. Why I love Him so much, He has been my everything. When I am in pain He is my doctor because He knows about pain (physical) pain. There are all kinds of pain, but there is a pain with the human body. It can be very painful. Sometimes you can share your pain with others, but with some they can not feel your pain like you do. Just as I could never feel that (massive) pain Christ Jesus endure toward His own body by man. I talks to God about my pain, He already knows about my pain. I talk to Him about it because He understands, and He has felt (massive) pain Himself. I was reading this morning a bless message that was waiting for me in my mail. Someone that shared their own pain, and they shared that there are many kinds of pain. The pain they shared was one that they have lived with for years. I have lived with mine going on now two years. It is a chronic pain that I have lived with for two years. Learning to endure with it with God’s help. You look at me you would say “She looks OK to me” but pain is not always something that you may see on the outside like seeing someone in a wheel chair etc. There not able to walk like I can, or move their fingers like I can. But, I love hearing how much they love the LORD…and the Faith they have in Him. How they do not allow the pain to stop them from doing what God has for them to do for the Kingdom of God. They have been my encourager’s. They have put all their trust in Him, I have said I can do that as well. They are walking by Faith, not by sight. Amen!! So each day I continue saying to Him “Thank You Jesus” and He has continue using me, and helping me through my days. Blessing me allowing me as well to be used by Him. He knows our future, and He is with you, and me always. I wanted to share this today because some of you may be wondering why is it that she is with joy. I am a human being, I have my up’s and down’s days, but I will not allow the enemy to steal the joy that Christ suffered so for me to have. “He gave me His Joy” not man. May I share with you all there was a young mother yesterday with her two teenage daughters. As I was out doing my thing. This young mother was very upset, angry, as we both were standing in the check line. After leaving out of the store, she came toward me and said I love that spirit (joy) you have. Because I had spoken to her saying “Good Morning” even when I knew she was upset and angry. She had no ideal I was in pain…I told her that no matter what may be going on, whatever the circumstance may be. I trust in Jesus Christ. I will not allow anything nor anyone take my joy. She smiled and said thank you. Glory Be To GOD! I hope you were encourage. This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Spread the Love of Jesus around. Have a Bless Sunday! 🙂

Sister Betty


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