It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Ephesians 4:27

Glory Be to GOD, Hello everyone today I am going to share a journey with my readers. I had an experience last weekend that was a “trip” I call it that because that is what it was. I know some of you may have heard singing “artists” sing these same words. I truly believe that they had thier own experience. It goes like this: “I was about to lose my mind” right? Could you be honest with yourself as well, and with others that once upon a time in your own life you felt that you was about to lose your own mind. Even if you don’t share it with others. God knows about it any how! smile. A lot of times some of us wouldn’t want our friends, family, co/workers, or church folks to know that we was about at that moment to [lose our mind]. We want people to really believe that our life is so smooth sailing when the truth be really told It’s not and as a [TRUE] disciple it will never be (always) smooth sailing not as long as we are son’s and daughter’s of Jesus Christ. Jesus everyday life was not always smooth sailing. Jesus had hardship, persecuted from both sides. He was hated upon from many people; specially from those who claim they knew Him, and from those who didn’t want to know Him not at all because He always spoke [TRUTH]. Paul, Timothy,Stephen, James, Noah, Moses, Samson, Mary, Elisabeth, Ruth, and there are others that will be honest about their own lives was not always smooth sailing. You can be the most highly educated, attend church service every sunday, pay your titiths;etc. Still there will come a time when you will say “I was about to lose my mind” It’s ok if you had, because It doesn’t make you less of a Christian or of a human being. I could get deeper into this message. But it would take a lot of typing, and a lot of reading. LOL Never ever give in to the devil. Never believe the lies that he tells you. Know that Jesus Christ loves you, and He understands you. The devil wants you to think you just messed up and God can not use you anymore. Laugh at him and tell him that he is a liar….and that Jesus Christ is your Firm Rock that you are standing on. The foundation is strong and it is firm; where no wind storm, hail, rain, will not and can not take you off that foundation. The only way that can happen if you allow the devil to speak words of lies into your mind. Tempting you to leave off that foundation…Other Words let me break it down with an understanding. I am a women that speaks very plain. Satan want you to stop trusting in Jesus, he want to distract you with whatever it is that he can use to distract you. So you will take your complete focus off of Jesus Christ. Don’t Do It! Don’t Do It! We can do this because Jesus said we can in His Name. Amen! Be encourage and keep moving forward. This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” until next time. Be Bless

Sister Betty


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