It’s My Journey With Jesus

Recommended Reading: Psalm 51:6

Hello everyone it’s me Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Today I want to talk about how far I have come since I started this journey. It has truly been a long rough, struggling, tear, hardship; suffering, painful, joyful journey. You see I called out all the trying words first right? and then I shared at the end joyful. Why I did that is because all of it is true from 2003 when I started my journey in a journal with all those words I just named, along with Joyful in my journey as well. I started my journal because I wanted to release all the pains, and hurts that I had been carrying since childhood, to teen years, up to adult-hood. I had so much hurt and pain in my life that I had been holding. I didn’t know any other safe way to do it, but to write it all out on paper. Let me tell you it has been a help for me with Jesus Christ beside me. I had accepted Jesus Christ in my middle years of age. He has always been with me, He has seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly in my life. I could set here and really write a book, but not today. Hopefully I will in Jesus Christ name. I really wanted today to set here and share with you all how far I have come. I’m still on my journey today sharing my days that I endure. What was at the beginning of my journey I was so messed up, today I am a new creäture that has grown spiritually. I am a beautiful Rose that Jesus has a whole lot to do with it. He has been my JOY in my own life today. It is a blessing to be able to share with others the truth about my life journey. I still struggle with some things, but Jesus is on my side teaching me, directing me in how I can have that balance in my life. So many things that I use to do, I don’t do. Things that I would not have taken, I do take. I recall when I would never call on Jesus because I wanted to do it my way. But in the year 2003 I fell on my knees, and called out the Name of Jesus. Crying out for His Help. I call on Him today and talk to Him about them, and give them to Him. I could share every problem that I did have and tried to deal with them on my own in my way. It would be a list that would be too long, smile. But today I wanted to share with you that sister betty an ordinary woman that was chosen by God, whom He took and clean up from the inside to the outside. And if He can do that to me, He can do the same for anyone who wants to be clean out, and to be fresh and start over and allow Him to use you for His Glory. Well that is enough to be said for now. I hope someone will be encouraged by this message. Someone that may need to read this. Give Jesus a try, you will not regret it by allowing Him to be your Shepherd. Your Father, Mother, brother, sister, your everything. Because that is what He is to me, My everything. Amen!! This is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Agape! :0)

Sister Betty
It’s My Journey With Jesus /


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