It’s My Journey With Jesus

A Good Book

Recommended Reading: Proverbs 18:4

Praise The LORD my dear friends…God is Good, and He is able to do anything He wants to do. I do thank Him for calling me out knowing who I was, and where I would be, and become from the beginning. He alone had His own plan for me, my plan, and others plan for my life did not match up to His plan for me. Amen!! I am here to share with you my thoughts, knowledge, experience, and encouragement, and my faith. This is what I know that GOD has me here on this planet to do. God has helped me through all the rough years, and He is each day restoring me, as He wants me to be. He showed me what to do, and led me to make positive changes. Sometimes it took me a long time to fully obey, but I can say from experience that God’s ways work. His word is filled with guidance for good health;any person who follows them will experience good results. He has delivered me from all kinds of troubles. Once I have achieved clarity, and made my decision to concentrate on the basics. He is my constant companion on this journey. I have learned that you must have joy,passion, and freedom that God intended you to live with every day, to carry out more, reach more people. You have to be real to want to live for Him. believe me He will know your heart. Amen!! I do hope you was encourage, this is It’s My Journey With Jesus once again.

Sister Betty Green


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