It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ….



Good morning, afternoon, evening where ever you may be at this time as you are reading my journey here in the United States or another country. I was setting here writing down my thoughts on paper. Today it is very cold here in texas, Jesus woke me up this morning, and I am thankful. I prepared myself a hot cup of coffee, and I thank Him. I have learned not to take anything for granted. Even the hot and cold water that I bath or shower under, or drink each time I need a glass of water. Clean water, that many people in other places has not that today. I started off giving Him Praise, I thank Him for not changing. He does remain the same God as He was back then, and He is that same God today in 2013. There has been some of us that has changed, some of us has changed for the better in our lives. We have changed our looks, and that is all good if one wants to change their hair do’s, etc. but the Q’s is has our hearts been changed. The heart only can be changed by Jesus Christ.Yes the New Year 2013 is(NEW), and some of you may have said what you are going to stop doing the this or that, etc. Some of us has brought in bitterness, jealous, anger, non-belief, etc. This year will be a challenge for us all, times will become worsted. Will we be able to stand even though the times that are ahead of us? I went though much in the year of 2012, it wasn’t all sweet not at all. But it was Jesus Christ whom I called on to help me through those hardships. I had to endure them all, but it has grown me more in my spiritual walk with Him. I need to always be watchful as well as in prayer daily. So whatever may lay before me, I will need Him to see me though it, and I will continue lifting up my hands to Him, praising Him, and thanking him even when I may even cry. Let us continue moving forward. And let us keep lifting up the Name of Jesus!!God bless you and keep you. This is It’s My Journey With Jesus….Be encouage, and hold on to the Faith.

Sister Betty (WOG)


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