It’s My Journey With Jesus….


Hello everyone! It is Friday, and it is yes a New Year. This week is almost heading out. I am home enjoying my day off work. I enjoy being home, enjoying the blessing to relax. I didn’t have to get up real early as I usually do when I need to go to work. I do not take anything for granted, not even being able to be home. When Jesus woke me up this morning I gave Him thanks for doing so. He kept me safe last night as I laid my head down. I had my nice fresh cup of coffee. Doing my prayer time, I thought about how many people this week that I meet, that ask me to pray for them. As I listen to them very close. I saw that they wanted to talk, sharing how they were feeling, what they were going through. I then shared a few things that I was going through, and letting them know that no matter what I was going through that Jesus Christ is my help. I shared things like when I have not enough money to wash my clothes. I would go back to what my grandmother, and mother taught me to wash with my hands. Using what God has given me to survive. I share when I prepare a meal, I cook enough up to put in the freezer for more days of eating. One young woman shared how hard it was for her having children trying to take care of them. She said that she wanted to hear more of the knowledge in how to make it in these hard times. I told her trusting in the Almighty LORD. Praying, Praising, believing, and obeying Him, knowing that He will help you. The Faith knowing that in our hearts He is here, and that He loves us, and He wants to have a personal relationship with each of us freely. Well I hope you was encourage, share what you know with others. Uplift someone who other wise thinks there is no hope. Listen to them as they share what is going on with them. Let it not always be about yourself, but too think about others as well. Be Bless this is “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Have a Bless weekend. Agape! 🙂

Sister Betty


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