It’s My Journey With Jesus…..

A Good Book


Praise The LORD!! My God is an Awesome GOD! This morning I am so thankful to be alive even with pain;I am so thankful. I have a journey to share with you this morning another Goodness of what my LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ has done once again. He gets all the Praise and Glory out of my life. Sister Betty a Born Again Believer of Jesus Christ. I love Him with all my mind, heart, and soul. I am no longer a shame to let anyone know that I am believer of Jesus Christ. (Not religion) I have a personal relationship with Him. I follow Him; I know this very day who I am, I no longer have to have people to dictate to me who I am. The demons even know’s who I am, and they are shaking now; around about this time. Though they have tried everything to slow me down, or to stop me, but Jesus has said no!! it’s not going to happen because He has so much for me to do in His name. I am going to have to go through life’s toughest challenges. It’s not over yet!! I am standing only today because of Jesus Christ. I can not do anything on my own. This morning I was unable to go into work, I had become very ill so I had to call out. I was unable to get up off my bed. I was in very much pain, I called on the Name of Jesus to help me through this. All I was able to do was to lay there, and look up, and say thank you LORD for being here with me. I went back to sleep, and when He woke me up, I was able to move without the pain all over my body. I gave Him Thanks with a Praise!!! GOD Is Able…in everything. Even when I am not healed I still give Him Glory!! We will have to go through things in this life…we will have to believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is with us always. My strength is coming back to me….I am continue doing His will and that is to encourage others. Sharing my life testimony with others who needs to hear about the Goodness [TRUTH] of Jesus that He is a God that will not let you down. Call on Him even if you not in pain. Call on Him when you just want Him to know that you know that He is there with you. Call on Him and tell Him that you LOVE Him. Well ok I wanted to share today a encourage message. Because God is real…Belive it….and know it from heart. This is “It’s My Journey With Jesus” I thank Him for my journey. Have a Bless day, and do share what the LORD has done in your own life today, so that someone else can be blessed. Agape!

Sister Betty


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