It’s My Journey With Jesus



Hello everyone! I do hope that your soul is well with the Lord. Today I wanted to talk about the word “pedestal” Many of you may be acquainted with this word. I had a horrible experience from it. I refuse to go through it again, now that I can recognize it when I see it coming. I spoke on this subject many, many years ago to a group of people, and I have found myself today in having an encounter with it once again. I looked up this word and this is the definition of it from the Webster Dictionary. Pedestal means (1). A Base, Foundation.(2). A position of esteem. This was as close as I could get in sharing the meaning of what I am about to share. With my experience I as well have done this also; putting others up on a high pedestal. It’s like you worshiping man, when that is a no! no! GOD should get our total worship; not man. I have learned so much from this experience,and was hurt behind it as well because I truly didn’t know any better. Sometime’s we don’t realize we are doing such a thing. Later on we become disappointed in people after we find out this person made a mistake or failed. Then we become angry, and outrage. Most people do not ask to be put on such foundation. I’m already on a foundation; and that foundation is Jesus Christ that is the Rock that I today stands strongly on. A strong foundation that will not weaken, nor fail. I use to tell people please do not set me up on a pedestal. I never liked it, and this day I do not like it. People are people, fleshly human, and we all will make mistakes in life. I call them mistakes, and failures; one way or another. I am where I am today because of Jesus Christ. He gets all the Glory!! He doesn’t need me to set Him on a throne. Because He is doing that anyhow!! He doesn’t need me to do anything for Him….I need Him to help me each day. For me I am honored to be chosen to be used by Him. So let’s be very careful how we try to set people up on a pedestal. It’s ok to know that GOD is using people, seeing Him working in their life. Jesus doesn’t make mistakes, and He sure doesn’t fail not at all; because He is PERFECT…. God of RIGHTEOUSNESS. If you see people or hear people trying to set you up on a pedestal. Just please, and nicely say to them please I rather for you to see the Jesus working in my life. And that I am nothing, and can not do anything without Him being in my life. Amen!! I hope you were encouraged by this message. “Follow Jesus Christ” This is “It’s My Journey With Jesus” again as I will continue sharing. It’s My own Journey With Jesus Christ” and I’m loving every step of my journey. Agape!

WOG/ Sister Betty


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