It’s My Journey With Jesus



Good morning everyone in Jesus Christ name. I hope that all is well with you. Today I wanted to share something that many people would love to just push it under the rug, cover it all up, or let’s just don’t talk about it. Well I am talking about it, and I been doing it for a very long time. One of the things that some of us do not even want to think about. Do you know that more, and more people are becoming homeless by the second. It’s happening right here in your own back door. Yes I know we read about it, we hear it about it in the news. We may hear about it in our churches; did you ever thought that the person that may be sitting right beside you could be homeless? Could that really be? Yes!! they could be. They may not come right out and tell you that they are homeless, or they coming close to being one. That may even be one of us one day. Oh and please don’t say that could never happen to you. But it can very easy be you. Reason why we should be very careful how we try to avoid it, or put it so far in the back of our minds. I see it everyday right here in my community. People are becoming more homeless now then it has ever been. Doing a weekend I was out washing clothes at the laundry-mate. As I was finishing up, getting ready to go out the door. I saw two young men that came in to set. One of the young men had his head down, the other was scraping inside of a chip bag. Looking at them you would not know whether they were homeless or not. I spoke and said good morning, and ask them how were they doing this morning. One bravely respond back; we are not doing good at all; we are both homeless. My heart begins to thumb faster than normal. Because it wasn’t what I attended to receive back from him. I stood there waiting for the right words to say. I could have said oh I am so sorry to hear that, or I hope it will get better for you. You know what they may have heard that all day. I shared with them some info about where they could get some assisted where people could give them food, and hopefully a place to stay for a while. One young man ask for four dollars, not fifty dollars, not hundred; but four dollars. I had just remember that I had gotten some coins from the machine to wash. I ask him to wait there. I went and pulled all my changed that I had for them even knowing that it was all I had. I knew they needed it. I had a roof over my head, I had food to eat. I handed it over and he smiled and said thank you. I was not there to make a scene. My heart ached, because these two people were asking for help. I know this for the fact that God had sent them into my path. I prayed for them that God will continue watching over them, and sending them or others into their paths as well. That could have been me, and it has been me once upon a time. Who can say where we will be today. I take one day at a time. I would love to talk more about the homeless, and I may do so in more of my journeys. I hope you was encouraged by this message; God is watching us everyday. Let’s be careful how we treat people who are homeless. That just may be you someday. This is “It’s My Journey With Jesus”. When you think that little that you do have or give of yourself to another doesn’t matter, It does! It really does! Agape!

WOG/Sister Betty


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