It’s My Journey With Jesus…Each Day Challenging!



Hello everyone! God Bless each and everyone. Today is another New Day! I do thank God for allowing me to see another New Day! I know February 14th is Valentine Day! The different size of red hearts, the cupid with the wings, and bow, the love in the air. The color red is being seen all through the stores, sales may even go up doing that special day as well. Many will be saying Happy Valentine to one another. Today I see Valentine very differently, and I am glad I do. It’s all pretty, and very nice that people are sharing their love with one another. I even love the color red, red has always been my favorite color since I was in highs school. As I said in the beginning; I look at it so different now. The heart is the heart of every person that has one that who was created by God. The color red reminds me of the blood that Jesus shed for the entire world on the cross. One day a dear friend of mine had sent me an email and she express the love of Jesus with me through an email. I loved the way she express it, and I am so thankful that she sent it to me. She said “Isn’t it great that we don’t have to wait for some special day to know that we are loved by God.” Those words touched my heart. I sat and thought deeply about that myself, and that is so true. Jesus doesn’t wait until some special day or event to express to me that He loves me. He shows me everyday in my life even when I am going though my hardships. When I think about what He did for me at Calvary. He gave His life for me, He laid His body on a cross for me. He showed His love to me when He had chosen to take the pain, suffering, hurts, etc. for me. He wanted me to be “SAVED” He wanted me to have a New beginning. A Fresh (New) start, a clean heart, and for me to live a better life then what I was living. So the heart, and the red means more to me it someone gives me a card or forget to give me one. Jesus speaks love to me with truth, I didn’t have to do anything to try to earn His love. I didn’t have to pay Him for it. Because once again He has already paid the price. It is His nature to love, even when we don’t say we love Him as often as we should. I am so thankful that He loves me everyday. I love Him, and I am grateful that He is a blessing in my life. And that He is teaching me everyday to love others no matter who they are, where they come from, or how much they do have or not have. I wanted to share this because sometimes some of us as a people only think about loving someone if it’s a special day or event like Christmas is an example. Jesus loves us 360 days isn’t that awesome? Well I do hope you were encouraged as I shared something that maybe you need as well to think about. This is “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Be Bless! Jesus Loves you with the Agape! and so do I everyday! No matter what.Oh by the way “HAPPY VALENTINE”!!

WOG/Sister Betty


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