It’s My Journey With Jesus…Each Day is Challenging

Tall heels


Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful morning. I would like to ask you; How tall are you? Yes I’m asking you how tall are you. You may be asking why is she asking that kind of question. Well I was setting here this morning just browsing the internet. I came up on a fashion pair of shoes that reminded me of something long time ago in my own days of fashion. You know fashion has changed a lot these days. They are using some of the old fashion that I use to wear myself, and they just added a little different to them. I am 5’3 in height, I consider that to be short, but I have seen people who are shorter than 5’3. And people who are much taller than us all short people. Sometimes some people (women) that buys shoes that has tall heels, so that they can feel tall. By the way I was one of those women years ago. I had a huge problem by being short, people would call me “Shorty” and I would get so angry when they would call me “shorty”. The heels back then were clog heels. Not like the heels that I see today that are very tall and slim. I could hardly walk in the clogs back then. I would be walking kinda weird, and sometime couldn’t keep my balance. I was trying to fit in with the taller people,and I was tired being called shorty. There were many times I felt I was walking like “Frankenstein” you know who I’m talking about right? Today there is no way I would catch me walking in skinny heels this day. I was 16 back then, today I am 56 years old. LOL. So in my experience I have learned to appreciate being who God intended me to be. I have learned to stop trying to be or do what I see others doing or what they choose to wear may look good on them, but it doesn’t mean it will always be safe for them. So choose to live your life that will be more safe for you. And by the way; you can call me shorty anytime and I will take it as a complement. Thank you! LOL “Do not take your blessings for granted.” Not everyone can walk in tall heels! and I am one of them..AMEN! Be Bless, and be encouraged. “This is It’s My Journey With Jesus.”

WOG/ Sister Betty


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