It’s My Journey With Jesus…Each Day Is Challenging



Hello everyone! Praise the LORD! GOD Is Good! His Good even when you are going through storms. How I know! I am still standing because of Him. Through my own storms, I know for the fact in (Faith) that My God has not left me nor has He forsaken me. I am here setting here listening to music. Getting my Praise on….Encouraging myself because I know that in these days,and times when everything and anything is going on in this world, all around us. Sometimes these things can surly distract you. People changing by the seconds, people upset wondering how they going to make it. Jobs cutting hours, people being laid off. People taking their lives or other people lives because they are hurting within. A Spirit that is not of God that is doing so much evil around us. One thing I have to keep in my mind, and heart that God will, and can make a way. I see people doing any and everything the wrong ways to get a dollar. It’s sad to know this, but it is happening everyday. I have to take moments to encourage myself because I live in a world that is about to lose their minds. Haven’t you ever felt that way as well? I know I have. I thank God that I know Him, and that I can call His Name. I must keep depending faithfully on Him. I wanted to share this because I must continue doing what He command me to do. And He wants you to do the same as well To live, and to live for Him and not for your-self. Because it’s not about us, it is about (Who) He is, and His purpose for our lives. I was listening to a song call “Dream” a beautiful and encouraging song that can lift you up….give you something to think upon strongly (HOPE). What I have receive out of this song is this: “As long as I (you) got breath in my body…it ain’t over! It ain’t over until I (you) win.” I have Dreams that only God knows about. Dreams that He knows that I must continue breathing with the breath He has given me so that those dreams may come alive in His Holy Name. Amen!! So don’t give up! keep being faithful, truthful, in obedient to the Heavenly Father. His got you He has not let you go. So hold on and stay in His arms do not get out of His arms. This is It’s My Journey With Jesus” here to speak words of truth, and to keep it real with you, and with myself as well. Hope you was encouraged! Agape!

WOG/ Sister Betty


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