It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Is Challenging


Good Afternoon! It is another beautiful day here in Texas. I am up and about. I Thank the LORD for watching over me this past week. And here He has allowed me to see another (NEW) day. I have had some wonderful nights of rest. I was in need of time being off from my job. The Heavenly Father had Blessed me to take sometime away from the job. I do thank Him for HIS Favor. Doing my days off I have stayed focus on Him. Listening more to His voice. Learning to listen more than talking. Jesus has allowed me to see the day of my Birthday. That to me is one of the Greater Gifts from Him, along with Him Saving my Soul. I am today breathing His breath of fifty-seven years. As I have watched the aging process of my life. It is beautiful; My body has been through much changes, the hair has changed very much. But is all happening “Gracefully.” My thoughts as well has changed and that is a wonderful blessing. As all this change, I am growing Spiritually more each day.I Thank Jesus for all the changes that has happen in my life, and I know that there will be more. All of this is call process, His hand on process. I’m not going to share too much today. I wanted to leave this today with a (pause). Until another journey for me to share to encourage another (Being). Have a Bless day, stay focus on Jesus. This is “It’s My Journey With Jesus” Agape!Have a Bless Weekend.

A WOG/Sister Betty


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