It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging



Good morning everyone! It is a blessing to be here with you all today. My GOD is an Awesome GOD. He is worthy to be praise everyday, no matter what it may seem like or look like. Today I wanted to share what does it mean to be honest. The word honest I do believe is being taken for granted, it is not being used as it should be used. Because (HONEST) means free from fraud or deception, truthful, creditable, sincere, marked by integrity. These are only a few words that I choose to share. Today I was in the grocery store buying me a few things before I went home. I was standing in the check-out, where there was a young man a cashier was totaling up the items that I had taken out of my bag. I sometime brings my shopping bag. As he total everything up putting them back into another shopping cart. I paid for what I had brought. I then picks my items out and started putting them back into my shopping bag. One thing I notice was that there was one item that I had not pull out of my bag to be scan. I saw then that I had missed this item. The line was very long and, only had one checker at that time. What I did I decide to go all the way back to the back of the line. So I could pay for what I needed, and that I knew it needed to be paid for. I know what being righteous, and being non-righteous means. GOD knew that in my heart I would have to (choose) do the right thing or do the wrong one, its call choice. I am sharing this journey because even the smallest thing that we do in life can either be good or bad. We can choose to make right or wrong decisions. This is when being (HONEST) comes in. Being truthful for who you are, having that creditable, and sincere heart. What we may do are say where no one else can see or hear us. GOD see’s and hear’s. GOD was watching me; He know our hearts. Ask yourself this….Where is the integrity when we are teaching or ministering the (WORD) of GOD to others? but we do not abide by them ourselves. As I got closer in line, I told the cashier that this was in my bag, and I wanted to pay for it. He smiled and he said thank you so much. It comes a time in life that we (all) have to be an example for others in the way we should live in GOD’s eyes. If you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with others. Honest is what He wants us all to use.AMEN!



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