It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging

One day at a time

Hello everyone! I do hope everyone is doing well. I do hope this day that you are believing and putting all your trust in Jesus Christ. This morning as God woke me up. I do thank the LORD every morning for allowing me to see another (NEW) day. I was ironing my clothes for work. But as I was ironing there in my spirit this thought came to me. “Tomorrow is never promise to you” I said Wow! I got still. How true that is. I can iron all my work clothers, and preparing them for each of this week. But it’s not promise that I will see those days. I use to iron my work clothers for the whole week. But I had decided to iron one set only for that day that GOD has allow me to see. Sometime we try to get so ahead of GOD. We try to convince ourselves that we will see the next day. We plan what we are going to do, where we going to go, when we going too, and why we are going to do it, and last how we going to do all this. So for me I have decided to live today as if I may not see another day. Amen!! I know some of you may say how foolish. But see I don’t see foolish in what I chose to do because I do understand that life isn’t promise to me. I just don’t want to get ahead of what GOD has for me. I know you have said or heard this “Living one day at a time” do you believe that? Because if you truly believe that, then live that just as you believe it by Faith. “One Day At A Time” and thank God that He is please that you have done what is first for Him. Well this is It’s My Journey With Jesus…Each Day Challenging. I am living and learning something each day that GOD has allowed me to see. Be Bless, and Be encourage each day. Agape!

WOG/ Sister Betty


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