It’s My Journey With Jesus…Each Day Challenging


Praise the LORD! everyone…I do hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Wednesday. It is such a blessing to be able to share the goodness of the LORD with others. It is a blessing knowing that you know who side that you really on. You can not be on two sides, either you chose to be on one side or the other. Even throw sometimes we find people who wants to be on two teams in stead of only choosing one. Well you may try but, to me it is saying you had not done the math. Or did you? The Q’s what are you seeking in choosing the team you believe is good for you? One may have more on their team. And the other side may only have just a few. You may see more action going on with the other team, but still it depends on what kind of action that you are seeking…Is it righteous action, or is it plum evil action? The other side may be where you think they are just dull, because they are not agreeing with what you are doing that isn’t right. That maybe you doing something that may be hurting your body, and soul, and they are sharing with you about the goodness. What side would you really rather be on. There is a choice…Good or Bad. As I said in the beginning you can try to play both sides. But beware of the result after it. The Good choice will it bring you joy, peace within for eternity. The Bad it may seem to be ok to you at that moment, but within a second, hour, days, months or years. You find out that it was not good at all for you. There you will not neither have joy, peace in it. Well this is Sister Betty with “It’s My Journey With Jesus. Today wanted to bring forth an urge message for today. Thank first before choosing the team that you prefer before joining…take time to do the math…. Think before jumping…Agape! 🙂

WOG/Betty Green


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