It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ…Each Day Challenging


Hello everyone! I do hope you are enjoying this beautiful day. It is warm here in this part of texas today. God is good all the time. I thank Him once again for being good to me. I thank Him for keeping me in check. He knows that we are not always going to stay in check on our own. So we need His help daily. He knows us all to well, better than we know ourselves; right? I have been deep into my study these past months. Something that I choose to do so that I can be equipped in learning more and more from Jesus. He is an awesome teacher who knows all things. He knows whats best for us, even if we may think He doesn’t know what’s best for us. Don’t allow the enemy (satan) to rob all that you can be knowing about Jesus Christ, His purpose and plan for your life. I never thought that I would be here today having this type of mind thought that I have today. Thirsting daily for God’s Word. I give Him all the praise for what He is doing with me. I see that when we come to Him with a willingness to want to learn and to be taught the (Truth); Jesus will give you everything that He knows that He wants us to have for this battle that we are in today. It is a Spiritual war that is going on all around us. It is happening all around the world, and if you ever notice the more He teaches. The more evil is coming forth. I seeing it all around me, but if I did not want to learn and be taught, I would not be having such great arrows of attack. Satan doesn’t want us to know the truth. He doesn’t want me or you to become closer and closer friends to Jesus. I know within my heart what Jesus said ” He would never leave us nor will He ever forsake us” that is powerful, and that is “Words” of truth that Jesus has promise us the believers so that we can depend on Him doing these hard times that are here. I wanted and thought I needed to share this with you. Because I know that I am not the only Christian that is growing, and following Jesus Christ. Many Christians are going through much, and I want to say that it’s ok to be put into the fire. Because when you come out imagine the good of it for you. I thank God for the hardships, the hurts, and the pains. It is worth going through because it’s for Jesus Christ. Sometimes you may be put into the Lions Den as well.You will lose people who once was your friends will no longer be your friends. Some family members will turn their backs on you, and will not want to have anything to do with you because you are a Christian of Jesus Christ. People will lie on you, and call you all kinds of unreal names…Many will not want to be around you because of the fact you are wanting to stay in the light, and not go back into the darkness. Well for me I shall continue moving forward. I hope you were encourage, and that you will decide to stay in the race, and keep moving forward. Keep wanting to hear and know the truth that what is about to come. Facts; Jesus Christ is coming back, don’t know when. But the promise He has made to us as the believers. He tells us to be ready and stay ready. This is Sister Betty with It’s My Journey With Jesus Christ. Be Bless…until next time…Agape.

WOG/ Sister Betty


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