Praise the LORD! Women In Ministry. Hello everyone this was brought to my heart. I wanted to share it with you. Jesus ask the Woman where was her accusers. Jesus ask us today Women of God this very same question. Where are those that are accusing us that we as women are not called to be Pastors. Women of God there are those who thank they have the right to say who is call, and who are not to be call. Lets not allow the enemy to stop us. It has been satan job to stop us from moving forth. The devil wants us to not understand the Revelation. He doesn’t have a problem with us studying Gods word everyday. He just doesn’t want us to preach the understanding truth of God’s Word. ((Psalm 31:14-15 says But I trust in you,O LORD; I say, You are my God. My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who purse me.))I thought on this when I first read this in the Bible when I was a Newbie. I was personally attacked, and today the enemy still tries to do that very thing. Psalm 34:17-18 says The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The LORD is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.But I know who I am and who’s I am today. I thank Christ Jesus I have read that the woman who was being accuse of something had upset a lot of people. Did these people know her? Did they know Jesus Christ? Were they Chrsitian or where they religion? Were they teachers of God’s Word. Just as there are some today who wants to timidate. Do they understand the scriptures with Gods Wisdom, asking God for His understanding? Was all of them just men folks or where there a few women in this mix? I read on that she had committed Adultery. She had slept with someone husband. My question I ask; where was those that she had slept with. Why were they only accusing her. There are many sins. Sin is Sin; right? Let us get real here; we all know that it takes two to tangle. I even thought were these men folks hating because she gave none attention to them. You do know that people do get upset when you not giving them what they want. You do know there are people who can hate on you if you wearing a new pair of shoes, or bless by driving a car, new or old. You could be living in a nice house that God has blessed you with. Jesus Christ knew the heart of all her accusers. That is why when he bent down and drew on the ground. He ask them if anyone who has not sin; throw your stone at this woman. I picture the faces of this woman accusers. They was frozen up like ice, and could have cracked into tiny pieces. Amen! I know this woman felt the love of Jesus Christ. He cared so much about her, she felt she was a nobody. Have any of you ever felt that way? Do know there are those that do tend to treat others like its no way God could have called them to Minister the Word of God to the people. Jesus says that we all are nothing without Him. And that we can not do nothing without Him. God saw something in her heart that could be a blessing to many. Have any of you been on both side of this fence? I can See the tears rolling down her face. When He ask her to go and Sin no more. Jesus the Son of God the Savior the Redeemer. The one that you know has your back. He is called the All-Knowing God. So the next time someone wants to accrues you, and tell you that women are not to be Ministers, Pastor, Rev.etc. Stop listening to them, and start listening to Jesus Christ, and when He ask you where Is your accusers? Say Lord they aren’t here. Praise the LORD! I hope someone was blessed by this message. I am Bless by bringing this forth for someone to be healed. Know that Christ is not dead; He is alive. Hallelujah! Let us continue edifying one another. Minister the Word to the Lost Souls, wheather you are a man or woman…AMEN! Agape!

“(JOY) is an inward stability that God through Jesus Christ, fortified by the Holy Ghost on your behalf has already worked it out ” AMEN!!


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