Glory be to God,I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. God is always good, and He is able. Does He fail? the answer is No!!. Today I wanted to talk about How are you treating yourself? I am not asking how are people treating you today, I am asking you this question. How are you treating yourself. God woke me up with two things on my mind, and heart, but today I am going to share this one. I laid there and gave it some thought. How am I treating myself really. Do I respect myself? Do I care about my health, life, spirit, and soul? Am I taking care of me as I should? Am I making sure that I get the proper rest as I should be getting. I do try to do as I should do when it comes to my health. Staying out of the sun as I was told. Being careful in what I eat, or drink.Not working myself so hard at work, taking it slow, stop being in a rush, and lifting things that are way to heavy to lift. Do I want to live longer as God intend for me to live? I know these are a lot of questions that I must ask myself. God has given me only one body, and it is up to me to take good care of it as best I can. So in this life am I doing what I truly like doing? Am I laughing more, am I enjoy being home enjoying a movie, doing my writing,encouraging people when they need encourage? Am I tending to the Spirit, talking about the (Holy Spirit). Am I feeding Him the right stuff as well, or am I allowing things in this world to take me off course. Am I spending time in God’s Word, praying to the Heavenly Father, talking to Him about the things that gets to me, am I shouting for joy, praising Him, giving Him thanks for being in my life today. Am I treating myself well. These are questions that many of us need to ask ourselves. Are we treating ourselves as we treat others, unconcern,unconcern, un-thoughtful, unkind, unloving. Now we must remember that the same as we treat another person; are we doing the same thing to ourselves. Let us all learn to treat others as we would love to be treated for health wise, life wise, spirit wise, and soul wise. I know you, and I not perfect, but it will not be an excuse to not be wiser. Have a bless and beautiful and wonderful Sunday in the Lord. I do thank God for this message…Amen! Agape!

A WOG/Sister Betty G.


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